As you probably already have guessed, my name is Peter. I currently reside in Austria. To be more precise, I live in a small village called Proleb which is located in the province of Styria. Furthermore, I am doing my masters at the FH JOANNEUM and working part time as a research assistent at the university.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, running, skiing and generally just being out in the nature which helps me to keep a clear mind and refuels me with fresh energy. If time allows it, I like to hack on my personal projects which you can find here. Recently, I also got into gardening and I am expecting my first chili harvest soon. I had a great chili harvest. In 2016 I had a great chili harvest. Even though they look delicious they are hot as hell. This year I have not made the same mistake to only seed hot chilis -- I have, in addition to a few hot peppers, also seeded some sweet peppers which accounts for approx. half of my plants. I might start a little blog and write about it.


Feel free to drop me an email at peter@peterjustin.me or just use one of the services above to get in contact with me. You can also reach me on freenode in one of these irc channels: #pocoo or #flaskbb. My nickname is sh4nks.